In Prosperity, R&D expenses
Prosperity R&D expenses

Supporting start-ups to accelerate ground-breaking innovations in healthcare

JLINX, a new investment and incubation model, was developed by Janssen Pharmaceutica in collaboration with Bioqube Ventures and launched in April 2016 to support start-up companies and projects with the potential to bring about significant transformations in the field of healthcare.

JLINX provides young entrepreneurs with a unique combination of resources: venture capital, infrastructure and collaborations with organisations in the European ecosystem. The aim is to accelerate the pace of scientific discoveries and realise breakthroughs in healthcare.

JLINX is located on the Janssen Campus in Beerse, Belgium, and is managed by Bioqube Ventures, which monitors the selection of companies to benefit from venture capital investments.

Johnson & Johnson Innovation’s mission is to foster and develop the most promising science – from inside or outside the company – to create solutions for patients and consumers around the globe. Since its launch, the JLINX community has already welcomed seven companies that are performing highly promising research in the areas of microbiome, oncology and new discovery platforms. The aim is to expand the community to 20 companies within three years.


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