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Stimulating innovative start-ups through the Bluechem incubator

Bluechem is the new incubator for sustainable chemistry in Antwerp, aimed at supporting promising start-ups and innovation projects in sustainable chemistry to grow and become ever-more successful. The aim is to open the doors of the new incubator on the Blue Gate site in Antwerp in 2020.

Bluechem is a unique public-private partnership in which the private sector accounts for half of the investment required. The private partners are essenscia, Bopro (BSI) and DEME (DEC) and the public partners are the City of Antwerp, VITO, POM Antwerp, PMV and AG VESPA. The project has received 3.4 million euro in EU funding and 4 million euro from the City of Antwerp. essenscia is main shareholder running the Bluechem incubator, together with City of Antwerp, POM Antwerp and VITO.

We invest in BlueChem to contribute to the innovative and sustainable development of the chemical sector. Thanks to intense collaboration between large chemical companies, SMEs, start-ups and research institutes, Bluechem should become a catalyst for top innovations in which Flanders can make the difference. Promising ideas must get support so they can grow from experiments in the lab to successful companies,” says Wouter De Geest, chairman of essenscia.


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