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New ways to treat aneurysms and detect septicemy thanks to BioWin

Biowin (, the Walloon Health cluster which has more than 160 members, aims to stimulate innovation and partnerships in the fields of pharma, diagnostic and medical devices.

A great deal has been achieved over the last two years. Eight new projects were approved in 2016, three of which were on the “Industry 4.0” theme, bringing the total to 43 projects worth 137 million euro. In 2015 and 2016, many projects were also completed, giving birth to new products on the market to improve health.

In 2012, Cardiatis introduced the Walbiostent project, aimed at optimizing the architecture of its multilayer 3D stent to treat cerebral aneurysm. Since then, it has developed four different stents for treating different zones: peripheric, aortic, brain or chest. The peripheric stents have received a CE marking and more than 4000 stents have already been fitted.

Coris Bioconcept has developed a new diagnostic tool to detect septicemy through the Paradis project. This tool is now in the validation process, with clinicals trials in several hospitals. Coris is developing an extension of the platform’s diagnostics applications to optimise treatment methods.


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