Prosperity – Investments

A key investor in Belgium

Source: DG Statistics (based on data from the VAT-administration)

Continuing to invest in existing facilities and attract new investments is crucial to ensure a sustainable future for the chemicals, plastics and life sciences industry in Belgium.

The sector invested an average of nearly €1.8 billion a year from 2005 to 2015, both in green field projects and in the expansion and modernisation of existing production capacities to improve industrial efficiency and environmental performance.

The chemicals, plastics and life sciences industry is a very capital-intensive sector and a key investor within the manufacturing sector, accounting for nearly 30% of total manufacturing industry investment in 2015. Belgium accounted for 6% of the sector’s total investments in the EU in 2015.

Eleven of the world’s top 15 multinational chemicals companies have invested in major production facilities in Belgium and continue to invest.

Sector Initiatives

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