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Catalisti catalysing innovation

Catalisti is the innovation cluster for chemistry and plastic in Flanders. Its mission is to deliver “a sustainable and competitive chemical and plastics-converting industry in Flanders achieved by an innovative power of world class”. It aims to do this by: 1) setting up new value chains; 2) transitioning to a sustainable economy; 3) clustering knowledge; 4) boosting innovation power.

To achieve these goals, Catalisti uses the ‘triple F’ principle:

The cluster organisation’s main activity is the setting up of cooperative innovation projects between companies in an open innovation approach. Catalisti also offers other forms of support to its company members, such as partner matching, strategic alignment or internationalisation.

Catalisti’s innovation agenda consists of four innovation programmes: Renewable Chemicals, Sidestream Valorization, Process Intensification and Advanced Sustainable Products.

Catalisti is a non-profit organisation based on a triple-helix structure (companies, research institutes and government), and is supported by the Flemish government as a “Spearhead Cluster”.


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