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Capacity building in intellectual property through the Patents Cell

For innovative companies, protecting their intellectual property and realising its economic potential is crucial. To familiarise companies with the complex regulations on intellectual property (IP), essenscia offers support through its Patents Cell (Octrooicel), which was set up with the support of the Federal Public Service Economy.

The Patents Cell organises a series of informative workshops each year, with experts explaining IP-related issues relevant for the chemicals, plastics and life sciences sector. Subjects such as IP portfolio management, IP in open innovation projects, trademarks etc. are discussed and the experts’ views are supplemented with testimonials from companies in the sector.

Each year, the Patents Cell reaches around 120 innovation and research experts and lawyers, mostly from SMEs. Chemical companies can also contact it for advice on how to obtain and use intellectual property, and for information on innovative technologies and trends in the chemicals sector.

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