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Making a world-class contribution to Belgium’s economy

Belgium hosts a world-class chemicals, plastics and life sciences cluster that covers the whole value chain from research and development to the manufacturing of a wide variety of products that improve our quality of life. The chemicals, plastics and life sciences industry is without doubt a leading industrial sector in Belgium, providing high-skilled jobs as well as contributing to a positive trade balance.

Belgium also hosts an internationally recognised biopharma valley, with activities ranging from R&D to the production of ground-breaking innovations, and is one of the leading countries in clinical trials.

The importance of the Belgian chemicals, plastics and life sciences industry in Europe is growing year on year. To maintain this and preserve its competitiveness, a favourable and competitive framework that supports innovation is required to enable a sustainable future for the industry, and for the planet.

essenscia has launched several initiatives to support sustainable innovation in chemicals, plastics and life sciences. In cooperation with the Federal Public Service (FPS) Economy, a ‘Patent Cell’ has been set up to boost the protection of intellectual assets. essenscia also organises a biennial Innovation Award to highlight companies’ most pioneering ideas and encourage Belgian companies to continue innovating.

The sector has driven the creation of Catalisti, the first competitiveness cluster in Flanders for chemicals and plastics, and Wallonia also hosts two competitivity clusters: GreenWin, for sustainable chemistry, and Biowin, for pharma. These clusters aim at catalysing innovation through cooperation, thereby developing sustainable solutions for the broad chemicals ecosystem. The sector is also investing in an incubator for sustainable chemistry where start-up companies, SMEs, R&D departments of large companies and knowledge institutions can come together to build the path to a sustainable future.

Key actions

  • Continue innovating for a sustainable future for the Belgian chemicals, plastics and life sciences industry, and for our planet.
  • Remain fully committed to developing a strong industrial policy in partnership with the authorities.

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