In Prosperity, R&D expenses
Prosperity R&D expenses

A passive office in line with our core business

REALCO continuously invests in research and development to stay at the cutting edge of world-class enzymatic technology. This investment and the steady growth of the company have led to the construction of a new building – a €1.8 million, one-year project which has enabled REALCO to expand the production area and warehousing, and improve its R&D laboratories, while still leaving around 30% of free space to allow for future growth.

The building has been designed to be passive, in line with REALCO’s core business: enzymes, ecological and sustainable alternative to traditional cleaning products. The office, workshop and exterior fittings use low-consumption LED lamps for lighting; they have triple glazing, 26cm of external walls insulation and 30cm of roof insulation; they are fitted with motion sensors to prevent any unnecessary electricity consumption; ventilation is mechanically controlled and equipped with air exchangers, ensuring continuous air renewal; and the 252 photovoltaic panels producing 65 kWh of electricity enable REALCO to be independent in terms of electricity consumption.

Through such initiatives, REALCO wishes to prove that an ecologically responsible attitude is compatible with healthy growth in a company.

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