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The cleaning power of enzymes at work

In many industrial sectors, membrane filter installations are crucial in the production process. Examples includes the dairy industry, the production of beer and water treatment installation systems.

The biotech company Realco has developed a method based on the cleaning power of enzymes to extend the lifespan of the filters and increase the productivity of the installations. Cleaning the membrane filter installations requires special attention due to their complexity and the high cost of filters, and their efficiency can easily be reduced by blockages which lower the production throughput. Agressive detergents may cause wear, shortening the lifespan of the membranes. Hence careful maintenance is critical.

Realco developed a unique method to analyse the membrane installations. This patented technology, the Fouling Analysis Kit, allows easy detection of micro-organisms or bacteria in the membranes. It identifies dirt residues and determines the most suitable cleaning procedure depending on the complexity of the installation. Following this diagnosis, Realco puts together the right cocktail of enzymes to remove the organic or inorganic dirt or biofilms present on the filters.

These tailor-made solutions optimise the cleanliness of the installation and this innovative technology increases the lifespan of the filters and limits the duration and the frequency of filter maintenance, improving production rates and reducing water and energy consumption.



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