Products – Sustainable use in the supply chain

Sharing knowledge for sustainable use of substances in the supply chain

The essenscia product policy team organises training sessions on the obligations companies must meet when marketing chemical products. Amendments to legislation and staff changes create the need for reliable and regular training, and the product policy training team focuses in particular on providing training on chemical legislation (amended or otherwise) where there is little or none available commercially.

The following training courses are provided:

  • What is REACH? What chemical products to register according to REACH? How to label and package hazardous substances? How to draft a safety data sheet? All of this is offered in the basic training on product policy.
  • Annual seminars, information and networking sessions on the current state of affairs that attract around 100 interested parties from the industry and government.
  • An annual five-day course on the Classification, Labelling and Packaging (CLP) of dangerous substances and mixtures, realised in collaboration with external experts, providing more background and insight into the different tests and criteria for CLP classification and labelling. Over the last two years, 28 employees from 25 companies have taken part in this training.
  • The guidance programmes VLARIP and WALRIP provide companies (mainly SMEs) with a regular update on the latest legal developments and exchanges of implementation experiences in the on safe production and use of chemicals.
  • Essenscia funds the essenscia Chair Safety Engineering of the KU Leuven in the Master in Safety Engineering programme to train masters and professionals in prevention policy and safety management systems, the safety of products, processes, and installations, qualitative risk analysis techniques, and fire and explosion safety.

These trainings are open to everyone, and in 2015 and 2016 essenscia thus provided 4700 training hours in product policy

essenscia’s experts also make their expertise available to other training providers, with around 20 training sessions provided by ten external training providers in the last two years.

The training team has been recognised with the Qfor quality label since 2010, and is an accredited training provider for the SME portfolio in Flanders, through which SMEs may demand partial reimbursement of training costs. In 2016, this accreditation was successfully prolonged till 2021.

The courses are also eligible reimbursement of employees’ training costs through Co-valent .The essenscia training team’s calendar is available at

The sector groups Detic and Phytofar also support the supply chain with information and awareness-raising campaigns on the safe use of chemical products.

Sector Initiatives

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