Products – Securing food supply

Feeding a growing population while preserving the environment.

To meet the twin challenges of feeding a growing world population while combatting climate change, the world depends on a sustainable agricultural system in which farmers produce more food, feed and fibre through the efficient use of ever-scarcer natural resources. At the same time, agricultural land is shrinking around the world due to increasing urbanisation, and some regions are also affected by alarming levels of water scarcity.

The chemicals industry is working closely with the agricultural sector, and developing tailor-made fertilisers to meet specific crop requirements; innovative and science-based solutions to be able to grow crops in areas with high water scarcity; and products to protect crops from devastating pests and diseases. The industry is also encouraging sustainable farming practices, precision application techniques, and the responsible and safe use of crop-protection technologies. This also includes the use of modern technologies such as GPS-based soil and biomass mapping to define nutrient demand precisely.

Sector Initiatives

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