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Saving natural resources

An ever-growing world population and rising incomes and spending among the middle classes are putting mounting pressure on natural resources.

The chemicals, plastics and life sciences sector is a large consumer of fossil fuel as a raw material in its production facilities and a growing number of companies are investing heavily in research and development to replace fossil raw materials with bio-based raw materials or develop new alternative products from bio-based materials. Another promising trend is the use of CO2 as a resource in the production of chemicals, be it in combination with intermittent renewable energy resources or not.

The sector is also developing new consumer products using recycled plastics or rethinking packaging designs to reduce the amount of consumer waste and decrease transport loads. This often requires collaboration throughout the supply chain, with suppliers, product designers and product developers.

Catalisti and GreenWin – the spearhead clusters of the chemicals, plastics and life sciences industry – are running various collaborative projects to address these issues. But consumers also need to be made aware of their responsibilities. That is  why the sector organisations Detic and Phytofar organise various awareness-raising campaigns targeted at professional users as well as consumers, to highlight the importance of avoiding over-dosing and ensure the correct use of chemical products. Detic is also co-founder of the Greener Packaging Award, which aims to stimulate the development of new, sustainable packaging solutions.

Sector Initiatives

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