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Solutions for reducing non-industrial sources of CO2

In most human activities, CO2 accounts for most greenhouse gas emissions. As reported under its energy efficiency and GHG emission indicators, the chemicals, plastics and life sciences sector has drastically reduced its impact on the environment by investing in the best available techniques to improve production and energy efficiency.

According to Eurostat data,1 the most important non-industrial sources of CO2 emissions are transport and households. The chemicals, plastics and life sciences industry is a key actor in  developing innovative solutions to reduce these sources of CO2 emissions as well. Examples include:

  • light-weight solutions for the automotive and aviation industries;
  • additives to reduce the rolling resistance of tyres;
  • plastic thermal insulation;
  • thermal insulation in refrigerators;
  • PVC window profiles with excellent thermal insulation properties;
  • high-tech materials for wind turbines.

Eurostat data

Sector Initiatives

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