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Revolutionary technology for windows and doors

Linktrusion® is a revolutionary technology introduced back in 2011 which resulted in a complete redesign of PVC window profiles. In the meantime, all Deceuninck Zendow#neo window profiles have been provided with this technology. Deceuninck also extended its range to door profiles and sliding windows.

Linktrusion® is a combination of various solutions, a continuously evolving technology where new and traditional materials are combined. The new window profile contains recycled PVC and the wing profile has more chambers, guaranteeing better insulation properties. The steel in the wing profile is replaced with integrating glass fibres, providing excellent rigidity and thermal insulation properties. The resulting window provides 35% better insulation compared to traditional windows, and brings more light and visibility as smaller profiles can be used. Thanks to the use of recycled PVC and the steel being replaced with glass fibres, resource efficiency is drastically improved. Moreover, at the end of its life, the window profile is 100% recycled for use in, for example, window sills, sound walls along motorways, and wall cladding. In 2015, the Society of Plastic Engineers selected the technology as winner of the Innovation Award for the Benelux countries in the ‘Hybrid Product’ category. This innovation is also included in the database of OVAM Ecodesign, a network for those active in sustainable innovation.


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