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Rethinking detergents to save resources

The family-owned company Pollet, based in Tournai, specialises in the production of a variety of detergents for industrial applications. Over time, Pollets’ detergents have become increasingly environmental friendly and the company continues to invest in sustainability.

Pollet has now developed capsules which are completely recyclable and offer unique advantages in the terms of logistics and the environment, known as Cap’s. This a unique concept for refilling spray systems. The capsules contain 20ml of concentrated detergent and are screwed in a user-friendly way onto the dispenser filled with water. This avoids the user being exposed to the concentrated detergents and ensures the dosing is always optimal. The empty spray bottle does not need to be thrown away; it can be re-used by simply inserting a new capsule. The capsules also mean less packaging materials and less transport are required. Pollet has also developed a collection system so that Cap’s can be returned to the company for recycling. With this unique concept, Pollet covers the complete life cycle of the detergent.


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