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RAK®, the BASF pheromones

A number of economically important pests play a key role in some wine-growing or pome fruit-producing regions, such as grape-berry and grape-vine moths in vineyards and codling moths and leaf rollers in pome fruit.

To improve the control of these pests, BASF Crop Protection has developed RAK® pheromone dispensers, which are used widely in grape and pome fruit production and are a major agricultural innovation.

RAK® works by releasing specific sex pheromones which disrupt mating by altering the signals sent by females indicating mating readiness. The males become disoriented and can no longer find the females, and thus mating decreases and, consequently, so too do infections of fruit by larvae. This reduces the pest population and provides improved protection in vineyards and orchards.

In Belgium, more than 50 % of the pome fruit area is treated with pheromones and makes optimized use of conventional insecticides possible. This is very important for integrated pest management (IPM) to develop production processes that meet the requirements of today’s consumers.


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