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Project Schools of Tomorrow – Wavin

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The Flemish authorities are building 200 new school buildings in partnership with AG Real Estate and BNP Paribas Fortis: the Schools of Tomorrow. This public-private partnership has been set up to design, build and finance the schools and maintain them for 30 years. In Beringen, the School of Tomorrow brings together five schools on one 6.5-hectare campus. Wavin is designing and delivering the entire sewage system for draining rainwater and waste water, including the BENOR certified Q-BIC infiltration- and buffer basins.

In the original design, there was a disconnection between the above-ground and underground water management systems, with, for example, pipe diameters which in practice could not be installed. Wavin’s plastic system provided the solution, taking up less space, being more flexible, and more resistant to higher pressures. With two infiltration basins of 510m³ in total and a buffer basin of 290m³, the rain water is managed much more effectively than in the original design. This solution required new approval from the province of Limburg’s ‘Water and Domains’ service, which was granted once they understood the advantages of the Wavin system.



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