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Intelligent solutions for sustainable rainwater management

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Climate change, urbanisation and new regulations have made water management an important topic worldwide. Wavin’s Intesio system is a recent innovative solution for sustainable water management, based on the key principle of returning cleaned rainwater to the natural water cycle and thus preventing sewage systems and wastewater treatment installations becoming overloaded.

The Intesio concept offers a solution for the draining, temporary retention, purification and infiltration of rainwater. The system processes every raindrop from the roof to the soil. The rainwater is decoupled, filtered if needed and retained in underground infiltration units made of recyclable plastics with a lifetime of several decades. Via these units, the rainwater infiltrates the soil and the natural water cycle is closed. Intesio not only results in energy and cost reductions linked to water transport and water treatment, but also allows ground water levels to be regulated.

Wavin professionals develop a tailor-made package of Intesio solutions for each building project, taking into account local factors such as the intensity of urbanization, groundwater levels, the type of soil, the level of pollution and expected rain intensity.

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