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Intelligent exterior paint inspired by the Namibian desert beetle

Sto is a producer of external façade insulation and coatings for buildings. These products have to withstand a growing number of challenges: since buildings are better isolated, condensation occurs on the outside more often; and due to changing climatic conditions in Belgium, with longer periods of high humidity, there is an increased risk of façades turning green.

To tackle this problem, Sto has developed a new exterior paint with a special structure which drains the water much faster – ‘StoColor Dryonic G’ – using bionics, in which biological methods and systems found in nature are applied to develop modern technology.

In this case, the carapace of the Namibian desert beetle served as inspiration. It can withstand extremely dry periods thanks to its special carapace, on which it can condense water to drink. With StoColor Dryonic, Sto succeeded in developing a special formulation through which hydrophobic dots form on a hydrophilic surface, similar to the desert beetle, which quickly drain away through the hydrophilic channels. This new paint composition reduces the time it takes for a façade to dry significantly, giving it less of a chance to develop algae or fungi.

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