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I prefer 30 : two successive campaigns to change consumption habits

Life-cycle analysis studies have demonstrated that the energy used by washing machines to heat the water has a significant impact on the environment. Nevertheless, most Belgians stick to the old habit of washing their laundry at high temperatures, even though the results are the same at lower temperatures. If average washing temperatures were to fall by just 3°C, washing machines in Belgium would use about 11% less energy, avoiding the equivalent of the CO2 emissions of more than 10,000 cars. In the meantime, the sector has developed innovative products which are equally efficient at making laundry clean and fresh at just 30°C.

That is why DETIC, COMEOS, the FPS environment and a number of other partners launched the «I prefer 30» campaign to change consumers’ habits, promoting the use of washing machines at lower temperatures and thereby reducing energy bills as well as CO2 emissions.

In 2014, the campaign reached more than 2,421,000 people (20% of the Belgian population). The second IP 30 campaign ran from September 2016 to January 2017 via Facebook and activities in shopping centres all over the country. It is estimated that in this second phase of the campaign, the ‘I Prefer 30’’message reached 1,768,834 persons (16% of the Belgian population) and generated 3,625,079 contacts – a minimum of two messages per person – in just four months.

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