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Guaranteeing food supply

With the support of the essenscia’s Innovation Fund, the start-up Fyteko is developing revolutionary products to guarantee good harvest yields, even in extremely dry conditions.

Fyteko has developed a biodegradable molecule which improves plants’ resistance to water scarcity in a natural way. In regions with limited rain, farmers can still achieve good yields thanks to this innovation. The product is available for seeds (Nurseed) and in spray form (Nurspray) to apply directly onto the crops. It stimulates the plant’s metabolism, even when it is not raining, guarantees a vegetal osmoprotection and limits the water loss from plants in dry conditions – and even if the plant withers, it will recover quickly as soon as it rains. Thanks to Nurseed, harvest yields of 80% can be reached even in dry periods.

So far, Fyteko has mostly tested its innovations on wheat, but the results also look promising for maize and soya. The certification process is currently ongoing and Fyteko expects to commercialise the product in 2018.


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