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Fyteauscan: an online stewardship tool for professionals to tackle water-related risks

Plant protection products are important tools to protect staple food, fruits and vegetables all along the production chain. They also help to prevent food loss in the field and during transport and storage. Most crops are cultivated in the open air and one of the key challenges is to avoid even minute quantities of these products entering the water supply.

The Phytofar branch federation, in cooperation with various stakeholders, has invested in many stewardship initiatives. On the one hand, the environmental quality standards for plant protection products are extremely tough and, on the other, agriculture is highly dependent on many uncertain factors, such as levels of rainfall. To assist farmers, Phytofar has launched a handy online support tool (Fyteauscan to help them check for potential water pollution risks in their specific local situation. The analysis is based on a subset of questions per critical control point.

The industry is committed to supporting its customers and operators with dedicated stewardship programmes such as Fyteauscan to keep water clean.


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