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essenscia Safety Engineering Chair at KU Leuven to support safe processes

The essenscia Safety Engineering Chair supports KU Leuven’s Masters’ Safety Engineering programme. The chair was inaugurated at KU Leuven on 13 November 2009 and renewed on 7 November 2014.

The Masters in Safety Engineering meets the existing needs and growing demand for safety experts coming from society and industry.

One of its goals is to promote high-quality education in the field of industrial process safety and it is internationally oriented. The programme trains students in prevention policy and safety management systems; the safety of products, processes and installations; qualitative risk analysis techniques; and fire and explosion safety.

The programme is structured on a modular basis, with a common compulsory part and a part in which students may choose between two options:

-Process Safety: students interested mainly in the technical aspects of safety may select this option, which is directed towards the study of safe and reliable plant operation.

-Prevention: this option includes non-technical aspects, refers to the local Belgian context and leads to the Certificaat Preventieadviseur Niveau 1 as defined by Belgian law.

A condensed 1 week ‘Advanced master class on process safety’ is also available.


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