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Cross-border clustering to stimulate the bio-economy

The sustainable production of chemicals requires the re-thinking of supply chains and replacing a portion of the fossil feedstock with renewable resources.

The Bio Innovation Growth mega Cluster (BIG-C) is a cross-border ‘Smart Specialisation Initiative’ which aims to transform Europe’s industrial mega cluster in the Flanders region of Belgium, The Netherlands and the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia into a global leader of bio-based innovation growth.

The region has been a powerhouse of industrial innovation in the chemistry sector for decades. The sector comprising chemical, food and other industries contributes approximately 25% to the cumulative GDP of EUR 1,780 billion per year, making North-West Europe one of the most prosperous regions of the world. Institutions, infrastructure, the macroeconomic situation and the education system are all excellent, so the mega cluster already excels in all four of the key pillars of competitiveness.

BIG-C has been established by three cluster organisations – BE-Basic (The Netherlands), Catalisti (Flanders, Belgium) CLIB (NRW, Germany) – and their representatives also act on behalf of several other participating bio-economy organisations in their home regions.

BIG-C’s mission is to stimulate the development of the bio-economy in the industrial mega cluster Antwerp-Rotterdam-Rhine-Ruhr (ARRR). The goal is to transition to regionally available bio-based and sustainable raw materials for feedstock, contributing to climate protection and safeguarding jobs in the mega region. Implementing bio innovations will fundamentally shift the basis of our daily lives from fossil to bio-based and other renewable resources.

BIG-C is currently working on setting up collaborations within three “Feedstock-to-Product” Flagships: Aromatics & fine chemicals from woody biomass; Chemicals from CO & CO2; and Aviation fuel from various feedstocks.


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