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CO2 as a resource


The sector of the industrial gases (gases used for industrial purposes such as oxygen, nitrogen, CO2) is capturing 300,000 ton CO2 per year in Belgium. As such, it avoids CO2 emissions in the atmosphere equivalent to 100,000 cars.

CO2 is captured from recovery of waste gas in the production of:

  • ethylene oxide
  • bio-ethanol from biomass
  • ammonia
  • dry ice

This CO2 is not only used as a resource in chemical processes, for inerting explosive or flammable atmospheres or for neutralizing the PH of waste waters, but also in various applications such as fire extinguishers, in soft drinks, dry ice blasting, a cooling medium replacing CFCs, the stimulation of plant growth in horticulture, and even as a raw material to produce mattresses!


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