Products – Ambitions

Pioneering products for a sustainable future

The world is facing numerous challenges due to a growing population and rising living standards.

This puts pressure on the environment, the availability of natural resources, the viability of cities, and the health and well-being of citizens.

Creative and innovative solutions are required to tackle these challenges. The Belgian chemicals, plastics and life sciences sector has a long-standing reputation as a pioneering industry, be it in petrochemicals, plastics, biotechnology or pharmaceuticals. The sector also sees these challenges as unique opportunities to deliver new products, new technologies and new business models and, in doing so, to remain a frontrunner and strong supporter of the Belgian economy.

essenscia’s ambition is to create the right ecosystem to enable companies to play this leading role successfully. Saving the climate, saving water, saving natural resources, securing the food supply and saving lives is the foundation of the chemicals, plastics and life sciences industry, which is a key enabler of the transition towards a sustainable future.

Key actions

  • Continue innovating for a sustainable future for the Belgian chemicals, plastics and life sciences industry, and for our planet.
  • Remain fully committed to developing a strong industrial policy in partnership with the authorities.

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