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Advachem: diversifying from glues to fertilisers

Advachem, based in Hautrage in Hainaut, was originally a producer of glues and resins for the production of wood panels, but recently started exploiting a new market segment: nitrogen-free fertilisers. This began in 2012 as a research and development project, but Clean Fertilizer was commercialised rapidly, allowing the company to diversify into markets radically different from its traditional activities.

The nitrogen-free fertiliser is used in both agriculture and horticulture. It needs to be sprayed on the plants, but without the risk of scorching. It has no environmental impact and therefore does not contaminate the soil water. Depending on the type of crops and when the product is applied, the fertilizer can increase the yield of corn crops by 10% while also increasing the protein content by about 9%. The yield from the cultivation of potatoes can also be increased by about 10%.


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