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Transforming waste into material at Xtratherm

Xtratherm launched a state-of-the-art production and distribution facility in Feluy in 2015 which produces and distributes PIR (polyisocyanurate) insulation panels for the construction sector. Xtratherm strives to minimize the environmental impact of its production units as much as possible.

In the new production unit, the PIR powder generated in the cutting operation is collected by two partners companies in Germany. This cutting powder is compacted with an adhesive binder and transformed into briquettes, which are then further processed and used to make new products such as dashboards for vehicle, container or composite element construction, or slabstock for molded parts, segments, model-making or customized structures and constructions.

Polyurethane rigid foam is a high-performance insulating material, and can be used in special applications for long-term use at low temperatures (e.g. insulation of liquid gas transportation tanks) and up to high temperatures (e.g. insulation of superheated steam lines). Higher compressive strengths up to 5 MPa can also be realised using polyurethane products.


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