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Taking responsibility for preventing pellet loss in Antwerp

In autumn 2016, the port authorities of Antwerp reported that industrial plastic pellets had been found in the water around the docks and on the roads within the port area. Together with Voka-Alfaport, Port of Antwerp and Plastics Europe, this problem is being tackled by:

  • taking action to prevent pellet loss via the Operation Clean Sweep programme (OCS);
  • organising clean-ups of hotspots and setting up a monitoring programme to ascertain how many pellets enter the environment.

Polymer-producing companies are fully engaged in this project and many of them have been taking action to prevent pellet loss over the last decade. In a next step, storage companies are also being motivated to implement the OCS programme.

To underline its engagement in addressing this issue, essenscia has signed the OCS pledge and will encourage its member companies to prevent the loss of plastics into the environment.


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