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Saving resources: closing the loop for pharma grade solvents

De Neef Chemical Processing (DNCP) and Janssen Supply Chain Geel share a long history of working together to recycle solvents as much as possible and thus reduce their environmental footprint. From August 2017 onwards, recovered toluene and isopropanol is being re-used at Janssen’s production facilities. DNCP invested in a new high-tech dedicated distillation installation to recover solvents in an ultra-pure grade that meets pharma standards. More than 90% of isopropanol and toluene can be now be re-used by Janssen, which not only means less dangerous waste, less CO2 emissions and less resources but also gives price stability in uncertain economic times with many price fluctuations in the raw materials. This project is a good example of how the sector is delivering the circular economy through partnerships with suppliers.


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