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PVS pioneering in circular business models

PVS Chemicals Belgium is the only European plant of the American PVS Group, and specialises in the safe manufacture and supply of sulphur, chloride, amine and sodium-based inorganic chemicals in the Ghent harbour area. These products are used in a wide variety of industries, such as electronics, food & feed, fertilizers, graphical, pulp & paper, the (petro)chemicals sector, pharmaceuticals and water treatment.

PVS Chemicals Belgium was a pioneer in setting up circular economy business models, as it did with its strategic client Proviron in Ostend for the supply of highly-concentrated oleum, also known as smoking sulphuric acid or oversaturated sulphuric acid.  Oleum is highly corrosive and is 100% composed of sulphuric acid with SO3 gas dissolved in it. SO3 is a highly corrosive gas that is difficult to handle on its own.  For its production processes, Proviron needs SO3 which is extracted from the oleum liquid, leaving pure sulphuric acid, for which it has no use. PVS takes this pure sulphuric acid back, stores it in a dedicated tank and uses it again as a raw material, upgrading it again to highly-concentrated oleum. The circular economy loop is closed.

The ‘chemical leasing’ of oleum has the additional benefit that the bulk transport of oleum and the pure sulphuric acid is done using a dedicated tanker driving back and forth between Proviron and PVS, avoiding cleaning or flushing.  This saves cleaning water and ingredients, energy, waiting hours, raw materials, production time and money.


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