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Partnership for biodiversity at AKZO NOBEL MONS

As only 38 hectares of the 80-ha AKZO site in Mons is used for industrial activities and the area round the site is already home to some interesting nature, AKZO decided in 2015 to work together with the NGO NATAGORA to encourage biodiversity on the unused land and reinforce the interconnections between the region’s existing areas of natural beauty.

First, Natagora analysed which areas had the greatest potential for re-developing biodiversity, with some 1.4 ha identified as of particular interest due to the presence of rare shrubs and plants.


In a second phase, Natagora set up a management plan to restore the grassland in areas where the most remarkable animals and plants had been observed.

During the summer of 2016, trees were cleared in and around the grassland to enlarge the area. :  This was done together with Natagora in the framework of a natural environment management training programme provided by the Walloon regional agency FOREM. Further extensions and maintenance works are planned, with the long-term goal of integrating this grassland in the Nature Network of Natagora.

«This project underlines our willingness to continue to develop our activities in a sustainable way and in cooperation with local community,» says Site Director Vincent Bertiaux.


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