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Optimising transport at P&G

Procter & Gamble (P&G) has the goal to reduce truck transportation kilometers by 2020 by 20% per unit of production versus the 2010 baseline by improving vehicle fill rate, optimization of distribution routes and driving increased use of multi-modal transportation.

The pilot of the so-called ‘TINA’ project started in Belgium, switching from truck to intermodal transportation for all products produced in Belgium, going to the UK. This measure eliminated 5,000 transport trucks on the road and has re­duced CO2 emissions with 350 tons. The regional program exceeded the ini­tial target, reaching its 30% goal two years early in 2013.

Building further on the TINA project, P&G is now using Cargostream. Through the use of the Cargostream platform P&G aims to accelerate the use of intermodal rail networks across Europe through collaborating with manufacturing and transportation partners, not only amplifying the sustainability impact for P&G, but also for other companies in the region.

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