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New business models for a circular economy at Agfa

Agfa Graphics won both the European Award for Logistics excellence and the Belgian Supply Chain Award for its project “Sustainability through recycling via collaborative supply chain”. The project involves the supply of aluminum printing plates, which are vital to the offset printing industry. Agfa Graphics is a world-leading supplier of such plates, which represent more than 60% of its turnover.

With this project, Agfa Graphics and a number of partners in the printing plates supply chain presented a sustainable closed-loop solution to its high-volume customers, in which high-grade aluminum can be reused without any loss in value. The use of recycled printing plates in the plate production process reduces the total carbon footprint by 70%, provided the plates are sent back to the aluminum manufacturer after use on the printing presses. This closed-loop approach guarantees that the aluminum maintains as much of its intrinsic value as possible instead of being downcycled into lower quality products.


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