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Greener Packaging Award

The Greener Packaging Award was created by FOST Plus and Val-I-Pac in partnership with Fevia, COMEOS and DETIC, and later on Agoria and PMC BMP, to reward companies that make innovative efforts to limit the environmental impact of their packaging.

Packaging is necessary to protect and preserve products, and to provide key information for customers. Companies are increasingly taking responsibility to fulfil their obligations when it comes to packaging and recognize that innovative designs that also focus on the packaging life cycle are interesting from an ecological as well as an economic point of view.

In 2015, MagiPro won the first prize in the “household packaging” category. BEVIL, the company behind the Magi Pro range, now delivers its cleaning products as screw-cap refills with 20 ml of highly concentrated product. You dilute the product yourself at home, in half a liter of water, thus reduces the packaging required drastically.

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