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Fully committed to energy efficiency at Evonik Antwerp

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Evonik Antwerp participates in energy policy agreements with the Flemish Authorities and is using an energy management system (EMS) to improve energy efficiency in a sustainable way, in accordance the international norm ISO 50001. This includes training and involving all employees in this effort.

The company uses cogeneration technologies to produce electricity and steam simultaneously in an energy-efficient way. By doing so, Evonik Antwerp has succeeded in reducing its fuel consumption by 30%. To further reduce energy consumption, the cogen unit not only uses natural gas but also off-gases from the production installations. All of this has led to CO2 emission reductions of 180.000 t.

In 2013 Evonik Antwerp also took the pioneering step of investing in a wind turbine for generating electricity. This wind turbine generates 8,000,000 kWh of renewable energy a year, all of which is used by Evonik. This corresponds to a saving of an additional 3450t of CO2 (equivalent to the emissions of 1,495 cars).

Surplus heat from the production installations is recovered and used to the maximum for the production of steam, with more than 30% of the steam used by the Antwerp site generated from surplus heat.

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