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essenscia partner in Circular Flanders

Circular Flanders is a public private partnership involving OVAM and various partner from federations as well as organisations representing civil society. Its objective is to make Flanders a circular economy by 2030.

Circular Flanders originates from the Flemish Material Programme and Plan C, but goes even further by looking not only at materials but also at water and food. essenscia is one of the funding partners and intends to play its full role as a catalyzer by engaging as many companies from the sector as possible in the transition to a circular economy.

This transition offers many opportunities and will require solutions from the sector. Cooperation with public authorities will also be essential to explore new ways of thinking, moving away from the produce-use-dispose model. This may require changes in norms and regulations.

essenscia has also signed up to act as a facilitator for Circular Flanders’ ‘Green Deal Circulair Procurement’, under which buyers commit to making at least two circular purchases over the next two years. Facilitators will bring companies together to work on this issue and encourage them to consider not only secondary purchases, such as office supplies but also, and even mainly, primary purchases required for the company’s core business; i.e. its production units.

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