Planet – Energy efficiency

Efficient use of energy as part of sector’s DNA

*Figures based on purchased energy vectors for energy use expressed in primary energy.
Sources: essenscia, VITO, DGOARNE, aggregated data from the energy efficiency voluntary agreement essenscia wallonie, DG Statistics

Improved energy efficiency throughout the chemicals, plastics and life sciences industry has led to a clear decoupling of production and energy use. Since 1990, total production* in the sector has more than tripled in Belgium, while energy consumption has increased by only 31%. Moreover, since 2000, energy consumption has been gradually decreasing as a result of energy efficiency improvements in both processes and utilities, increased attention to energy management, and strong growth in less energy-intensive activities in the life sciences industry.

This continuous focus on energy efficiency has been reinforced by the voluntary commitments made by the sector since 2003. Thanks to the success of the first generation of voluntary agreements, Belgium’s regional governments decided to continue with a second generation. Many companies have signed up to those agreements, representing about 90% of the sector’s energy use.

* based on the production index (cfr methodology)

Sector Initiatives

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