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Covestro: first chemical company to receive the ‘Lean & Green Star’ Award

In 2016, Covestro, a producer of base chemicals for the plastics industry in the port of Antwerp, became the first and only chemical company to receive the ‘Lean & Green Star’ for reducing the CO2 emissions and energy consumption of its logistics operations by 20% in five years.

Participating companies were required to detail the CO2 emissions of their logistics activities and submit a complete action plan to reduce emissions by 20% to the Flemish Institute of Logistics (VIL). Those action plans were then evaluated by the University of Brussels (VUB).

Covestro reached the objective through a number of actions:

  • A modal shift from barge to pipeline for the transport of sodium hydroxide
  • Investing in a new compressor for compressed air for the transport of pellets
  • Optimising the ship’s payload for delivering raw materials to a sister company in Tarragona, Spain
  • Adapting packaging to optimize the filling of containers and increase the payload for containers and trucks
  • Switching to electrical fork-lift trucks.

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