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Air liquide invests in a 35km extension of its oxygen network

Air Liquide is a world leader in the production of industrial gases. The most sustainable mode of transport for these gases is through pipelines, and the 4,700km pipeline network which Air Liquide is using to supply its industrial customers in Europe is already the world’s largest. To support the growth of ArcelorMittal’s needs in Ghent, Air Liquide will invest in a further 35km extension of its oxygen pipeline network.

The ArcelorMittal site in Ghent manufactures high value-added steels for automotive, construction, packaging and other industrial applications. Oxygen, nitrogen and argon are required for many of these applications, ranging from enriching the air in blast furnaces to steel production processes.

ArcelorMittal plans to continue increasing its flat carbon steel production at this site, which means additional oxygen requirements for blast furnaces and oxygen converters (*).

The oxycombustion process (injecting oxygen instead of air) improves the performance of the furnaces and reduces the smoke emissions and NOx production.

By connecting customers which require very large volumes of gas to the pipeline network, Air Liquide drastically reduces traffic density, CO2 and fine particles emissions, and noise pollution linked to road transport, and thus contributes to meeting tomorrow’s challenges such as mobility, climate and health.

Air Liquide’s pipeline systems, which are connected to several air separation units in the Benelux, also ensure the reliability, performance and flexibility of supply required by ArcelorMittal.

(*) Furnaces used as a chemical reactor for refining molten metals


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