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Training by essenscia’s social policy department: an overview

The social policy department of essenscia regularly organises training courses to support its members. Info-sessions included topics such as:

  • An account of the bi-annual negotiations of the sectoral collective labour agreements after they have been completed every two years, accompanied by comments on the legal framework, the inter-professional negotiations, and some practical tips and advice for the negotiations at company level.
  • An overview of the most important changes and modifications in labour law of the current year presented in December every year.
  • A cycle of five info-sessions organised every four years to prepare companies effectively to deal with the intricate procedure of social partner elections. This includes practical advice for presidents and secretaries of polling stations, and all the information and advice they need to put their new consultative bodies (works council, SHE Committee and union delegation) into place.
  • Dedicated sessions on specific topics (e.g. bridging pensions, time credits, winding down, end of career jobs, etc.) as and when appropriate (and based on new developments).

In addition to these collective info-sessions open to all members, the social policy department also organises on site or in-house training for those members expressing a particular need. The objective of this type of training is to make first-line managers without a human resources background aware of the proper functioning of the consultative bodies and the rights and obligations of the worker representatives in this context.

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