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Together for safe working conditions in biotechnology

Safe working conditions for all employees in the biotechnology industry in Belgium are the common objective of and Belgian Biosafety Professionals (BBP), a professional association of experts in biosafety. Both organisations signed a Memorandum of Understanding in early July 2017 to work together more closely on safety issues in biotech, in both R&D and production.

This cooperation will focus on two areas: sharing relevant information about the latest developments in biotechnology; and events and workshops for professionals in the sector. Respect for people and for the environment is top of the agenda for the biotech industry, and the safety of those working in laboratories and on production sites is paramount to foster innovation in a responsible way. This cooperation will extend and strengthen Belgian expertise in bio safety. Working with micro-organisms, bacterial pathogens and other living material requires an adequate framework. Through a structured dialogue, good working practices will be promoted, with special attention paid to risk analysis, industrial hygiene and optimal safety equipment.


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