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Sustainable mobility at UCB


UCB has two sites in Belgium: its headquarters in Brussels and a large R&D and production site in Braine-l’Alleud. The well-being of all of its workers and nearby communities is important to the company and mobility is an integral part of this well-being. UCB also aims to be carbon neutral by 2030.

To this end, the company has developed a large portfolio of initiatives to promote sustainable mobility, by offering financial compensation to employees (for bike fees, full reimbursement of public transport) and by making it easier to work from home or travel sustainably (flexible homeworking, facilities for cyclists, dedicated carpool parking, etc.).

UCB counts on a dozen enthusiastic internal bike ambassadors to promote cycling to work. The company also organises training sessions on how to drive safely in traffic or repair your own bike. Bikes are available on both company sites for use during business hours. Workers can also use them during their lunch breaks or to test the possibility of riding home by (electric) bike. In 2014, UCB joined the ‘Tous Vélo Actif’ initiative and two years later, was awarded the maximum score of 5 stars.

UCB also actively promotes carpooling, with dedicated carpool parking spaces; a common carpool platform with other companies in the neighbourhood; and active support for, and the promotion of, the principle of carpooling by UCB’s management. An example is the convention UCB signed with the Walloon Region to open 20 parking spots on UCB’s private parking for use by the general public for carpooling.

To further reduce the carbon footprint of its workers’ commuter journeys, UCB has included electric cars in the company car fleet, with dedicated parking spots for electric cars with charging points. In 2016, UCB also provided training in ecofriendly driving; and organised information sessions on the different options for alternatively fueled cars (electric, CNG, etc.).

For its total portfolio of mobility initiatives, UCB received the ‘Trophée Mobilité des Entreprises’ in 2016 and the ‘Défi mobilité’ from the Walloon Region, together with the industrial parc Vallée du Hain, in 2015.

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