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Long track record in process safety management

Process safety is of prime importance in the chemicals industry. This requires an effective process safety management system that enables the identification, elimination, reduction and mitigation of risks resulting from operations.

Although the use of key performance indicators that measure and analyse process-safety incidents is common in individual companies, their application across the industry is still restricted as management systems are not yet harmonized throughout the sector. essenscia encourage its members to use leading and lagging process-safety indicators to measure the performance of their process safety management systems (PSMS).

essenscia has developed a number of voluntary initiatives to improve its members’ process-safety performance by providing training at various levels within its companies’ organisations.

The sector has two dedicated training centres: ACTA and Cefochim. ACTA organises training in automation and process technology for process operators. Cefochim is a training centre for jobs in production, maintenance and research in the chemicals and biopharmaceutical industries. In addition, PlastIQ offers tailor-made training courses for the plastics processing industry in Flanders.

Through the Delta Process Academy (DPA) platform, essenscia invests in integrated training on process safety. The platform runs three initiatives in close collaboration with stakeholders:

  • funding and coordinating an Advanced Masters in Safety Engineering within the Department of Chemical Engineering of the KUL (the Catholic University of Leuven);
  • developing several modules on process safety: the Advanced Course on Process Safety for experienced engineers, a Specialized Course on Safety Engineering, and Course on Human and Organizational factors;
  • organising DPA workshops where process-safety experts share experiences and best practices in process safety and the elements of a process-safety management system.

Emergency management is an important element in the implementation of such systems. In light of this, the Advanced Masters in Safety Engineering has recently been expanded to include an emergency management programme for students and industry workers.

Sector Initiatives

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