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Plasma industries: diversity to drive success


Diversity is central to the success of Plasma Industries Belgium, which is active in blood plasma fractionation. The company isolates proteins with high technology processes for its clients around the world. The intermediate products it makes are used by Plasma Industries’ partners to produce medicines for different kinds of diseases related to blood issues.


The company employs people of more than 20 different nationalities from all over the world. Diversity is a living concept in the company’s daily work, with all staff required to sign a “diversity charter” by which they agreed to work with each other showing team spirit, respect, acceptance and responsibility.


A diversity group has also been created and meets every three months to develop projects addressing a range of issues, from employing people with disabilities to finding new challenges and opportunities for employees over 55, cleanliness in the cafeteria, IT knowledge and many more. Moreover, the company offers intensive language training to its non-native French/Dutch-speaking staff to ensure successful communication and collaboration within our teams.

Gender balance is also a priority for Plasma Industries, with women accounting for over 25% of the workforce. The company is convinced that diversity is an integral part of its current and future success.


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