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More investments for more safety

The Seveso Fund has been drastically reformed and has invested more than €8 million in 2017 in a number of ambitious projects to increase safety around Seveso companies and to optimise risk management. All this was announced at the first Seveso Forum, a unique seminar set up by essenscia – which participates in the fund’s management committee – in close cooperation with the FPS Home Affairs.

The European Seveso directive imposes strict safety and protective measures on industrial facilities working with dangerous substances. The main objective is to avoid severe accidents and, if an accident does occur, to limit the consequences as much as possible. In Belgium, there are about 380 Seveso facilities, of which about 200 are so-called ‘high-tier’ facilities, particularly in the chemicals sector.

These companies pay an annual fee to the Seveso Fund to finance dedicated safety projects such as the BE-alert alarm system, the federal safety portal ICMS (Incident & Crisis Management System), the Campus Vesta training centre, the purchase of specialised intervention materials for fire brigades and civil protection services, the organisation of disaster exercises etc.


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