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Life-long learning with Co-valent

Through the Co-valent training fund, the industry supports the development of competences of all its employees. That is why, among other things, Co-valent offers a range of free training courses for the sector’s employees.

More than 190 different kinds of training courses are offered in various categories, such as technical, personal skills, IT and well-being training.

Every two years, Co-valent conducts a survey on the training needs of companies in the industry and adapts its offer based on the results. In the last two years, more than 20 new courses have been added to the training offer, including, for example, ‘From operator to maintenance mechanic’; ‘Dealing with burn-out’; ‘Electrical motors’; ‘Excel for operators’; and ‘Becoming a coach in the workplace’.

The number of participants in Co-valent training courses increased from 2,633 in 2015 to 3,310 in 2016, a 26% increase. In 2016, participants came from 410 different companies in the industry, up from 334 companies in 2015, with more than 70 new companies taking up the free training offered by Co-valent.

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