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Indaver : 25 years of open communication in the Neighbourhood Council

The first waste was delivered to the depot on the Antwerp site in 1987 and a few years later, Indaver organised its first Neighbourhood Council for the site. In 2016, the council celebrated its 25th anniversary. Direct and transparent communication has always been a priority, and Indaver keeps the local community informed about its activities, projects, licence applications and renewals through the council. It provides figures on quantities, safety and environmental impacts, such as emission results; allows time for questions and comments; and informs people about incidents quickly. Eleven representatives of the local community attended the first Neighbourhood Council in 1991; 57 meetings later, it has 54 members. The council meets on average twice a year and has grown over those 25 years into a forum where other companies and local authorities also meet. Now, every operational Indaver site in Belgium has its own Neighbourhood Council or consultative group.


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