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Guinness World Record ‘Largest chemistry course’ in Flanders

essenscia vlaanderen, the ‘Vrije Middelbare School Roeselare’ and VIVES high school together hold the Guinness Book of Records’ world record for the ‘largest chemistry course’.

Belgium first took the record from the UK in 2015 after essenscia vlaanderen and Technopolis organised a chemistry course for 1,018 students from 26 different schools. The following year, they set a new record by organising a course, supported by BASF, GSK and Solvay, with 1,223 students running four chemical experiments simultaneously.

This Guinness World Record really belongs to Flanders, the world champion in chemistry on a GDP per capita basis. Through this initiative, essenscia aims to introduce young people to technology, science and chemistry, and to show how chemistry is playing an important role in our daily lives and in developing solutions to global challenges.

The sector is in need of young talent and is striving to motivate young people to choose to study STEM subjects at school and university and, in the long term, opt for careers in the chemicals, plastics or life sciences industry.


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