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GSK wins the Randstad Award for the fourth time

In 2016, the pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) won the Randstad Award for the most attractive employer, after a survey of 15,000 people and 186 companies found that at least 51% of those who know of the company would like to work there.

With four life sciences companies in the top five (with Janssen Pharmaceutica ranked second, UCB fourth and Pfizer fifth), and seven chemicals, plastics and life sciences companies in the top fifteen, this clearly remains a remarkably attractive industry to work in. Cosmetics company Estée Lauder came in sixth, but is regarded as the most attractive employer for women. Other companies from the sector among the top 15 are Bayer (in 12th place) and BASF (in 13th).

“A competitive salary package is once again the most important building block for a company’s appeal as an employer,” said Jan Denys, labour market expert and the Randstad Group’s Director of Communications. “What is also interesting, although we shouldn’t exaggerate, is that for the first time in the history of the Randstad Award, a pleasant working atmosphere has come in second, before job security.”


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